The COVID-19 Glossary is a tool designed to simplify and translate the medical and scientific language used during the pandemic. Simple language allows people to communicate complex ideas more effectively and in local languages that people identify with.
The COVID-19 Glossary was developed in a 4 step process:

STEP 1 LIST: A list of commonly used terms to communicate about COVID-19 was created and workshopped with people with various backgrounds and expertise. 70% of people over 12 years to make sure that we can end the COVID-19 crisis.

STEP 2 DEFINE: Research was done to define each concept.

STEP 3 SIMPLIFY: Workshops with communicators were conducted to determine a simpler word for each commonly used term. Health experts were also consulted to confirm that simplified terms still conveyed terms accurately

STEP 4 TRANSLATE: The glossary of terms and definitions was translated into all 11 official languages by an individual. Each translation was discussed and validated in a language specific workshop. .