COVID-19 Plain language glossary: English - Pedi

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Adverse events Adverse events Any health problem that happens after a shot or other vaccine. An adverse event might be truly caused by a vaccine, or it might be pure coincidence. Ditlamorago tša go se kgahliše Ditlamorago tšeo di sa kgahlišego tšeo di ka tšwelelago morago ga hlaba moento. Se se tla thuša go bona ge e ba ke moento goba teo tšweletšego di sa letelwa
Anaphylaxis / Anaphylactic shock Allergic reaction A very extreme allergic reaction that can cause a shock to the body, and symptoms can include skin rash, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and shock. Dika tšeo mmele o di tšweletšago ke dika tšeo mmele o di tšweletšago ge o makatšwa ke maemo a itšeego, go tšwa dišo, go hlatša,go se kgone go hema, letšhologo bjalo bjalo.
Antibodies Antibodies Antibodies are proteins that our bodies make to fight a specific illness that attacks our bodies. They are specialised soldiers that the body uses to fight every illness differently. When a new virus like COVID-19 comes attacks us it take the body a few days to create the soldier antibodies that can attack it. Mašole a mmele Ke diproteine tšeo mmele o di tšweletšago go lwantšha malwetši. Ke mašole a mmele ao a lwantšhago malwetši ka mekgwa ya go fapanego. Ge twatši e mpsha bjalo ka COVID-19 e re tlhasela, mmele o tšea matšatši a mmalwa go hlama mašole ao a ka e tlhaselago.
Asymptomatic infection Asymptomatic An infection without symptoms; no signs of illness. Go se laetše dika Ke phetetšo yeo e sa laetšego dika, go ba le twatši goba bolwetši gomme o sa bontšhe dika tša bona.
Bacteria Bacteria Bacteria, also called germs to small to see with the naked eye. Some bacteria are good for you, while others can make you sick. Twatši Ditwatši ke tše di nyenyane go ka bonwa ka mahlo. Ditwatši tše dingwe di loketše mmele wa gago, mola tše dingwe di dira gore o lwale.
Booster dose Booster dose An additional dose of a vaccine needed periodically to 'boost' the immune system. Kelo ya go mahlafatša Tlaleletšo ya tekanyo yeo e fiwago nako le nako go thuša go matlafatša lenaneo la masole a mmele
Breaking News Breaking news New and important information Ditaba tša moragorago Ditaba goba tshedimošo ye mpsha mabapi le se itšego.
Chest Pain Chest pain When you feel pain in your chest or heart area Dihlabi kgareng Go ba le dihlabi kgareng le kgauswi le pelo
Clinical trial Clinical trial A clinical trial tests the effectiveness and safety of medications, vaccines or medical devices by monitoring their effects on large groups of people. Clinical trials have many steps, and only the last few involve testing medicines on human beings. Clinical trial results are checked by independent experts. Diteko tša kliniki Diteko tša kliniki di dirwa go sehlopha se segolo sa batho go dira diteko tša go lekola go šoma gabotse, polokego ya dihlare, meento le ditlabakelo goba di dirišwa tša maphelo. Diteko tša kliniki di na le dikgato tše ntši, gomme ke tše mmalwa tša mafelelo tšeo dihlare tša kalafo di dirwago diteko bathong. Dipoelo tša diteko tša kliniki di lekolwa ke ditsebi tša go ikema.
Communicable Communicable a disease that spreads from one person or animal to another. Some bacteria and viruses can cause communicable diseases. Other diseases – that do not spread from person to person, like diabetes or hypertension – are called ‘non-communicable’. Bolwetši bja go fetela Bolwetši bjoo bo ka phatlalago magareng ga batho goba diphoofolo. Ditwatši le dikokwana di ka hlola malwetši a go fetela. Malwetši a go swana le bolwetši bja swikiri, goba madi a magolo a bitšwa malwetši a gose fetele.
Comorbidity Pre-existing disease Pre-existing diseases are conditions that a person has before getting another disease . In the context of COVID-19 it refers to existing chronic diseases – like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or hypertension, to name a few – that could put people at a higher risk of developing complications if they are infected with the Corona virus. Bolweti šbjoo o bego o nale bona ke malwetši ao obego o na le ona pele o ka hwetša bjo bongwe.Ge re lebeletše COVID-19 re bolela ka malwetsi a mašoro bjalo ka a pelo,swekere le madi a magolo
Congregate settings Gatherings When many people come together at the same place and at the same time. Eg: parties, marches, schools, prisons, churches etc. Mekgobokano goba dikopano Ge batho ba ba lefelong le tee ka nako e tee bjalo ka meletlo,megwanto,dikolong,kgolegong,kerekeng bjalo bjalo
Consipracy Theory Fake news story Fake news stories are created to combined some facts and incorrect information to create a story that will convince people that what is told to them by people in authority like governments, healthcare workers and scientists is not true and will hurt them Ditaba tša bofora goba maaka ditaba tša bofora di dirwa ka go amantšha dintlha tša bohlokwa le tshedimošo yeo esego ya nnete go leka go huetša batho gore seo mmušo,bašomedi ba maphelo le basaense ba ba botšago ga se nnete ebile e tla ba ama gampe
Contract Become infected To catch or develop a disease – you can become infected Covid-19, for example, by breathing in the droplets of someone who is infected with the virus. Go fetela ke bolwetši/Go swaetšwa go fetela ke bolwetši bjoo itšego. O ka fetela ke COVID-19 ka go hema marothodi a motho yo anago goba a fetetšego ke kokwane
Contra-indications medicines clash When a medicine, or medical process should not be used because it may be harmful to that person because of pre-existing conditions or other medicine they are using. Go thulana ga dihlare/meriana Ge dihlare goba legato la kalafi le sa swanela go šomiša ka lebaka la go ba kotsi mothong ka lebaka la bolwetši bjo motho a bilego le bona pele ga bjoo bo mo goba dihlare tšeo a di šomišago
Control group Control group In any medical experiment or trial, scientists compare what happens when you give an active medicine linke a vaccine to one group to what would happen to a group if no active medicine or vaccine was given was given to them. The group that did not receive the active medicine are called the ‘control group’. Sehlopha sa taolo go diteko tša lalafi go bapetšwa seo se direga ge dihlopha tše pedi se sengwe se fiwa kalafi gomme se sengwe se sa fiwe. Sehlopha seo se sa fiwego kalafi se bitšwa sehlopha sa taolo
Coping Coping Being able to get through a difficult experience Go kgona Go kgona go lebana le maemo a boima
Data Information Facts, evidence and statistics Tshedimošo Tshedimošo e ka ba dintlha,bohlatse goba dipalopalo
Depopulation Depopulation A process of inetntionally trying to kills antire populations and communities to have less people in the world. There is a lot of fake news that tries to convince people that COVID-19 or vaccines are meant to kill people. Go fokotša batho lenaneo la go fokotša batho goba setšhaba gore lefase le be le batho ba banyenyane
Depression Depression A mental health problem where a person feels very sad, tired, unable to cope and have no enegry for long periods of time Kgatelelo/Kgateletšego Maemo ao motho a ikwago a ngenegile, a lapile,a nyamilwe lebaka le letelele
Diabetic Diabetic A person with high or low insulin levels Go ba le swekere Motho yo a nago le swekere ya fase goba godimo
Diagnosis / Diagnose Diagnosis/ Diagnose To recognise a disease by its signs and symptoms is to diagnose a disease. If you test positive for Covid-19, you have a positive diagnosis for the virus Go utolla goba go lemoga bolwetši bjoo itšego Go tseba bolwetši ka dika ke go bo utolla goba go bo lemoga. Ge diteko di laetša gore o nale COVID-19 ke go lemoga gore o nale kokwana
DNA DNA The small chemical that determines how a cell will look and what it will do DNA
Dose Dose The amount of a medicine that you are allowed to take at one time Kelo Tekanyo ya sehlare yeo o ka e tšeago ka nako ye itsego
Drug resistance Vaccine resistant When a virus changes it becomes hard for the vaccines or medicines that are created to fight it to find it in our bodies. The vaccine will not work if the virus has changed too much. Go gana moento
Dry Cough Dry Cough A cough that feels like it is coming more from irritation in your throat Sehuba sa go oma Sehuba seo se kwešago mogolo wa gago bohloko
Effective works We say a vaccine "works” when it helps the body fight against a virus or bacteria Go šoma Re re moento oa soma ge o kgona go thuša mmele go lwantšha twatši
Efficacy Efficacy This tells us how well a vaccine works. The “efficacy” of a vaccine is its ability to prevent illness and create immunity against a virus or bacteria. Go šoma gabotse Se se re botša ka fao moento o šomago gabotse ka gona. Go soma gabotse ga moento ke ge o kgona go thibela bolwetši le tšhireletšego kgahlanong le twatši
Evidence Proven facts Facts or information which tell you whether an idea or belief is true Dintlha tšeo di netefaditšwego Dintlha goba tshedimošo yeo e go botšago ge kgopolo goba tumelo e le ya nnete
Experiment Experiment An operation or procedure carried out by scientists under controlled conditions in order to discover or investigate something unknown; to test or establish a hypothesis. Diteko Magato ao a tšeago ke basaense ka tlase ka maemo ao a laolwago go dira diteko goba dinyakišišo
Exposed/exposure Exposed When you have been in contact with a person that has a virus lik COVID-19 Go ba kotsing Ge o bile le kamano le motho yoo a nago le twatši ya COVID-19
Flattening the curve Flattening the curve Slowing down the spread of COVID-19 so that there are not too many people sick at the same time and hospitals are not too busy to help everyone Go fokotša lebelo goba ka fao blowetši bo kitimago ka gona Go fokotša lebelo la phatlalalo ya phetelo ya COVID-19 gore o se le le nomoro ya batho ba bantši bao ba lwalago
headache headache Pain in your head Go opa ke hlogo Ke go opa ke hlogo
High fever High fever When your tempreture is above 37 degrees usually leads to sweating Phišo ya godimo Ge kelo ya phišo ya mmele wa gago o feta dikgrata tše masometharo-šupa
Hotline Hotline A phone services that provides specific information Mogala wa tshedimošo Mogala woo hlomilwego go fa tshedimošo mabapi le se se itšego fela. Go fa mohlala mogala wo hlometšwego go fa tshedimošo mabapi le COVID-19
hypertension hypertension High blood pressure Madi a magolo Kgatelelo ya godimo ya madi/madi a magolo
hypotension hypotension Low blood pressure Madi a fase/mannyane Kgatelelo ya fase ya madi/madi a tlase
Immune response Immune response The way you body fights against bacteria, viruses, and substances that appear foreign and harmful. go lwantšha malwetši Tsela yeo mmele o lwantšhago ditwatši le dilo tša ka ntle tša kotsi
Immune system Immune system All the parts of your body that fights against virus and germ. The immune system keeps a record of every germ/bacteria/virus it has ever defeated so it can recognise and destroy it quickly if it enters the body again. We say the immune system has a memory. Lenaneo la mašole a mmele Ditho ka moka tšeo lwantšhago ditwatši. Lenaneo la masole a mmele le bea rekhoto/rekoto ya ditwatši kamoka tšeo e fentšego gore e di gopole le go di lwantšha ge tsena mmeleng gape. Ke fao re rego lenaneo la mašole a mmele le na le kgopolo
Immunisation Immunisation Is the process where a person's body is given a vaccine that helps it fight a new virus like COVID-19 Go entela/hlabela ke tsela yeo mmele o fiwago moento go thuša go lwantšha COVID-19
Immunity Immunity When your immune system has a memory of a virus and sends the correct antibodies to fight the virus. This memory can be created by a vaccine Tšhireletšego ge lenaneo la mašole a mmele le na le kgopolo ya twatši gomme le kgona go romela mašole go e lwantšha. Kgopolo ye e ka hlolwa ka moento
Immuno- compromised Immuno-compromised Having a weak ability for your body to fight a disease because of pre-exiting diseases Mašole a mmele ao a fokolago Go hloka maatla ago lwantšha malwetši ka lebaka la malwetši ao o šetšego na le ona
Incubate Incubate Before you get symptoms of a particular illness, the bacteria or virus that causes disease is spreading slowly in your body to make you feel sick. Go uta/go bea Pele o ka ba le dika tša bolwetši bjo itšego. Twatši e phatlalala le mmele gore o ikwe o lwala
Infectious Infectious Contagious/catchy – capable of making an infection Fetela go kgona go fetela
Inoculation Inoculation Another word for vaccination or immunisation – the process where you become immune to an infectious disease. Moento Lentšu le lengwe la go entela. Tsela yeo batho ba šireletšegilego kgahlanong le malwetši
Interaction how medicines mix Some medicines have effects on each other, or may make it difficult or easier for other medicines to work. This can cause side effects or can make a medicine work better. Always tell a doctor what medicine you are using when they need to give you more medicine. Ka fao dihlare dikopanago Dihlare tše dingwe di a huetšana. Di ka kgontšhana goba go paledišana go šoma. Se se ka ba le ditlamorago goba tša dira gore di šome bokaone. Ka mehla botša ngaka dihlare tšeo o di šomišago ge ba nyaka go o fa tše dingwe
Jab Jab A word that describes getting a vaccine dose Go hlabelwa/go hwetša tšhwaana Go hwetša tekanyo ya moento
Laboratory undefined A place equipped for experimental study in a science or for testing and analysis a research undefined Lefelo leo le tlabaketšwego go dira diteko
Lockdown Lockdown A government regulation to limits people's movements and makes certain health behavours complusory Kiletšo Magato a mmušo go iletša mesepelo ya batho ka dinako le mafelo a itšego le go gapeletša maitshwaro a itšego
Mandatory compulsory Required by a law or rule: obligatory/compulsory Kgapeletšo/kgapeletšego Seo se nyakago ke molao
Microscopic very small Something so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye – something you can only see through a microscope. Bacteria and viruses are microscopic, for example Ye nyenyane Selo se nnyane seo o se se bonego ka mahlo.
Mimic copy To copy / look-like / imitate something Go kopiša Go kopiša/swana/ekiša
mRNA mRNA Messenger-RNA are small chemicals that send messages to your cells to tell them about how a new virus that has not attacked the body yet will look. It is used in vaccines to create immune system memory Mrna Di khemikhale tšeo di romelago melaetša mabapi le twatši yeo e se šwego ya tlhasela mmele. E šomišwa go meento go hlola mogopolo wa lenaneo la mašole a mmele
Mucus Mucus A slim found in the body Mamena/mamila Seela seo se hwetšago mmeleng
Myths Myths A widely held but false belief or idea. There are many myths – otherwise known as fake news or fictions – about Covid-19 and vaccines Maaka/ditaba tšeo esego tša nnete Kgopolo goba tumelo ya maaka yeo e dumelwago. Go na le maaka a mantši ao tsebegago bjalo ka ditaba tša maaka goba bofora
Non-pharmaceutical interventions health behaviours Things that every person can do to prevent a disease that does not involve taking medicine Maitshwaro a maphelo Dilo tšeo mang le mang a ka di dirago go thibela bolwetši ntle ga go nwa dihlare
Nurse Nurse A health worker that is the first and most regular person to give you care at a medical facility Mooki Motho yoo a šomago go alafa batho kliniking goba bookelong
Nursing Nursing A job where people care for the medical needs of people in clinics and hospitals Booki Mošomo wa go alafa batho dikliniking goba maokelong
Open spaces Open spaces Places that are outdoors and have a lot of fresh air Mafelo ao a bulegilego Mafelo ao moya o kgonago go tsena le go tšwa go sa tswalelega.
Pandemic Pandemic A pandemic is an when a disease spreads across a large region, for instance multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a large number of people. Leuba Leuba ke bolwetši bo phatlalala seleteng se segolo goba dinageng goba lefase ka kakaretšo gomme e ama batho ka bontšhi
PCR test covid test A test that uses a sample from the back of your nose and mouth to know if there is COVID-19 virus in your body. The test can be done in a clinic, hospital, laboratory or even in your car Diteko tsa covid Diteko tšeo di šomišago tekolo go tšwa ka dinkong goba molomong go bona ge o na le COVID-19 mo mmeleng. Diteko di ka dirwa kliniking, bookelong,dilaborotori goba ka koloing
Peer review independently tested The process where scientists who were not involved with the trial – or who are independent experts – check test results for a scientific study is called peer review. This is a way of making sure that the results of an experiment/trial/study are accurate Diteko tšeo di ikemetšego Ke tsela yeo basaense bao ba bego ese karolo ya diteko goba ditsebi tšeo di ikemetšego ba lekola dipoelo tša dinyakišišo seo se bitšwago tekolo ya sethaka. Ke tsela ya go netefatša gore dipoelo ke tša nnete
Placebo Placebo Substance or treatment that has no effect on human beings. Plasebo Selo goba kalafi yeo e se nago seabe bathong
Population immunity Population immunity Also known as herd immunity’, population immunity is when at least 70% of a community have antibodies that help them fight a new virus like COVID-19. This can happen through many people being infected with the virus or through many people getting a vaccine Tšhireletšego ya batho ka bontšhi go malwetši Ke ge dipersente tše masomešupa di šireletšegile kgahlanong go lwantšha malwetši go swana le COVID-19. Se se diragala ge batho ba hweditše moento.
PPE PPE Personal protective equipment (PPE), is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause injuries and illnesses. Masks are part of PPE. Ditlabelo tša go itšhireletša Ditlabela tša go itšhireletša (PPE) ke tšeo di parwago go fokotša go ba kotsing ya go ka gobala goba go lwala. Dišira-sefahlego ke karolo ya tšona
Public health Public Health Public health is the process of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. Maphelo a bosetšhaba/ maphelo a bohle Maphelo a bohle ke tsela ya go šireletša le go kaonafatša maphelo a batho le setšhaba
Public spaces Public spaces Anypublic place where people who are not from home can gather Mafelo a bohle Mafelo a bohle fao mang le mang a ka yago gona
Quarantine Quarantine When a person who is or could be infected with a virus needs to stop being with other people so that they do not spread the virus Go itswalela/go dula o le tee Ge motho yo a fetetšwego goba a ka ba fetetšwe ke kokwana a swanetše go emiša go ba le batho gore kokwana e seke ya phatlalala
Register Register The process using your phone or comupter to give your details so that you can get the vaccine Go ingwadiša Tsela yeo ka yona o ka šomišago mogala goba sebaledi go ingwadišetša moento
Replicate Replicate When a virus is spreading in your body, it is making more copies of the virus Go ikoketša Ge kokwane e phatlalala mmeleng ea ikoketša
Review Review The process of checking if a vaccine is safe before it gets approved by government. Evidence from more than one phase of a clinical trial can be reviewed at the same time while the experiment continues Go lekola Tsela ya go lekola ge eba moento o bolokegile pele o ka phasišwa ke mmušo. Bohlatse go tšwa magatong a go feta le tee di ka lekola ka nako e tee mola diteko di tšwela pele
Saline Salt water A solution of salt in water Meetse a letswai Meetse ao tšhetšwego letswai
Sanitize Sanitise To clean you hands with an alcohol based substance Go sanithaesa Go hlapa/hlwekiša diatla ka seela seo se nago le kelo ya bjala ka gare
SARS COV-2 COVID-19 Covid-19, also known as the Corona Virus or SARS-CoV-2, is a mild to severe illness attacks parts of the body that help people breath. It spreads through droplets in the air or from toucing people or thing that have the droplets that have the virus in it COVID-19 COVID-19,yeo e tsebegago bjalo ka Twatši ya khorona goba SARS-CoV-2,ke bolwetsi bjo bo hlaselago ditho tšeo di thušago batho go hema. E phatlalala ka marothodi mo moyeng goba ka go kgoma batho goba dilo tšeo di nago marathodi a go ba le twatši
Screening Screening Screening is questions asked to determine a person’s risk of infection for a particular disease. Go lekola Go lekola ke tsela yeo go botšišwago dipotšišo go bona ge eba o bile kotsing ya fetela ke bolwetši bjo itšego
Self-Isolation Self-isolation Is a way to keep yourself from possibly infecting others if you think you might be infected. It involves limiting contact with public places, relatives, friends, colleagues, and public transport Go itswalela/go dula o le tee Ke tsela ya go ipea kgojana go efoga go fetetša batho ba ba bangwe. E akaretša go se kopane le batho mafelong a bohle,meloko,bagwera,bašomimmogo le dinamelwa tša bohle
Social distancing social distancing The practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance (such as 1.5 meters or more) from other people. Go ipea kgojana le motho wa kgauswi goba lekatana Tsela ya go ba kgojana le motho wa kgauswi tekano ya methara le seripagare
Soreness Soreness Pain in your muscles and joints Go ngangega Go ba le mahlaba mo mešifeng le malokologong
Spike Protein Spike protein The COVID-19 virus looks like it was many small stick on it. These sticks have bad protein that help COVID-19 to enter the body and attach to parts of the body that have good protein that it starts to attack Proteine ya mebetlwa Twatši ya COVID-19 e lebelega bjalo ka dithata tše nnyane. Dithatana tše di na le proteine yeo e thušago COVID-19 go tsena mmeleng gomme ya kgomarela ditho tša mmele tšeo di nago le proteine ya thoma go tlhasela mmele
Susceptible vulnerable When a person can get sick quickly or because of pre-exiting diseases could get very sick Go ba kotsing Ge motho a ka lwala ka pela ka lebaka lebaka la malwetši a mangwe
Symptoms Symptoms Physical or mental signs of an illness. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, and tiredness. Other symptoms that are less common and may affect some patients include loss of taste or smell, aches and pains, headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, red eyes, diarrhoea, or a skin rash Dika Dika mmeleng goba kgopolong tša go bontšha bolwetši. Dika tsa go tlwaelega tsa COVID-19 ke mororomelo,sehuba sa go oma le go lapa. Dika tše tšeo di tlwaelegago di akaretša go hloka takatso goba go dupelela,ditlhabi,mogolo wa bohloko,go thibana,go tšhologa le dišo tša letlalo
Technology Technology New tools or processes Teknolotši Mekgwa goba ditlabelo tše di swa
Tight Chest Tight Chest When a person's chest hurts and they feel like breathing is difficult Kgara yeo e ngangegilego Ge kgara e ngangegile ebile o kwa o kare o hema ga boima
Tiredness Tiredness Feeling tire more than usual Go lapa Go kwa go lapile wo osego wa mehleng
Transmission Transmission Is the passing/spreading of a disease from an infected individual or group to a previously uninfected individual or group Go phatlalatša Go phatlalala go tloga mothong goba sehlopheng seo se fetetšwego go ya mothothong goba sehlopheng seo se sa fetelwago
Transmit pass on Cause (something) to pass on from one person or place to another. Eg: COVID-19 Go fetišetša Go fetela go tloga motho yo go ya go yola. Mohlala: COVID-19
Trial test A test or experiment, usually conducted under specific condition Diteko Diteko tšeo di dirwago ka tlase a maemo a itšego
Vaccine Vaccine A medicine that is injected into the body to help the body learn how to fight a new virus. It helps the immune system build memry so if the virus enters the body, the body is ready to fight Moento Moento wo o šomišwago go hlabela batho gore o thuše mmele go lwantšha kokwana e mpsha. O thuša tshepedišo ya mmele ya go lwantšha malwetši go gopola kokwana yeo le go e lwantšha
Vaccine hesitancy Vaccine hesitancy When people delay taking the vaccine because they do not know if it works or are afraid of the side-effects Go lakalela moento maemo ao batho ba gogago maoto go tšea goba go hlabela moento ka go se tsebe gore oa šoma goba go tšhaba ditlamorago
Variant Variant A form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing; a new or mutated version of a virus. A variant of Covid-19 that has been identified in South Africa is called 501Y.V2 Kokwane yengwe/ ye mpsha Ke tsela e mpsha yeo kokwana e tšwelelago ka gona. Kokwana ya COVID-19 yeo e hwetšwago ka Afrika Borwa e bitšwa 501Y.V2
Ventilation Ventilation The provision of fresh air to a room, building or building. A space with good airflow is well ventilated Go hwetša moya Lefelo leo moya o kgonago go tsena
Viral vector vaccine Viral vector vaccine A weak and changed form of a virus is used in a vaccine to go into our bodies tell the body how the real virus looks and what it does. This helps the body fight when the virus attack the body Viral vector vaccine Twatši yeo e fokolago yeo fetogilego e šomišwa moentong go laetša mmele ka fao twatši e lebelegago le ka fao e šomago. Se se thuša mmele go lwa ge twatši e tlhasela mmele
Virus Virus A virus is an infectious organism of small size and simple composition that can multiply only in living cells of animals, humans, plants, or bacteria. Kokwane/Twatši Kokwana ke selo senyane seo hlolago bolwetši. Se kgona go ikoketša.
Virus Mutations Virus changes Changes to the structure of a virus which can changes to how it affects the body. All viruses change over time, either because of changes to the environment or because when the virus is spreading there may be mistakes or changes how it copies itself. Go fetoga ga twatši Go fetoga ga popego ya twatši yeo fetolago ka fao e ka amago mmele. Ditwatši ka moka difetoga le nako ka lebaka la tikologo ka gobane ke twatši e phatlalala go ka direga diphošo le diphetogo ge ntše e oketšega
Vulnerable Vulnerable A person in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect Go ba kotsing Motho yoo a nyakago hlokomelo le thekgo ye itšego ka lebaka la maemo a gagwe. E ka ka lebaka la mengwaga,go se itekanele,go šomišwa bošaedi goba go se hlokomelwe
Wave Wave A wave happens when the number of people infected by COVID-19 increases very fast and the number of people in hospitals of dying is very high Lephoto se se direga ge nomoro ya batho bao ba fetelwago ke COVID-19 e oketšega ka lebelo le bao ba lego bookelong le go hlokofala e le godimo