“Discussion | Communicating in a coronavirus crisis”

In light of the slow vaccine rollout and the lack of clear, easy-to-understand Covid-19 communication, COVID Comms chairperson, Chris Vick speaks to eNCA’s Tapfuma Makina about the great need for the private and public sectors to all work together during this time.

16 August 2021

“Discussion | Misinformation around COVID-19 jab”  

The country’s vaccination drive has been stepped up. However, there’s been some scepticism and fear around getting the jab due to conspiracy theories. COVID Comms chairperson, Chris Vick speaks to eNCA’s Tumelo Mothotoane about this.

6 August 2021

“Vaccine drive: ‘We desperately need better government communication’

Misinformation and disinformation are serious threats to the vaccine rollout in South Africa. Without better communication to counter these threats, beating back COVID-19 with vaccines will be difficult, if not impossible.

5 August 2021

“COVID-19 Vaccine| The injection of youth” 

The 18 to 34- year olds will qualify for their Covid-19 vaccine in September. Will the older generations need to convince this age group to get their jab? Tessa Dooms of COVID Comms says so many young people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic & that a return to normalcy needs to be one of the driving forces that comes through the messaging targeted at the youth.

30 July 2021

The Labour Department confirms under the law an employer can require employees to be vaccinated.”

Newzroom Afrika’s Stephen Grootes interviews Professor Sylvester Chima, associate professor & head of Bio and Research Ethics and Medical Law at the College of Health Sciences at the University of KwaZulu-Natal & COVID Comms chairperson, Chris Vick about ‘the battle of science versus suspicion and facts versus conspiracy.’

30 July 2021

The challenge to ‘massify’ vital messaging in a national emergency “

COVID Comms chairperson, Chris Vick unpacks the unique communications issues South Africa faces amidst the pandemic. He offers solutions to these complex challenges.

22 July 2021

“Digital Vibes: ‘To steal money in this way, in a pandemic, is scandalous'”

On air with John Perlman, Chris Vick, chairperson of COVID Comms unpacks the impact of insider trading, family ties, and get-rich-quick schemes are having on the ‘greatest communications challenge we have faced.’ 

24 May 2021

“COVID-19 Communication strategies”

Chris Vick, chairperson of COVID Comms discusses some of the communicative challenges encountered during the first phase of the vaccine rollout with eNCA’s Omar Essak. 

15 May 2021

“A look at government communications a year into lockdown”

Chris Vick joins a panel speaking with Clement Manyathela on 702 Talk Radio 

26 March 2021

“[WATCH] Disscussion on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s weekly letters with Tessa Dooms

Political analyst, Tessa Dooms of Covid Comms speaking with Leanne Manas on Morning Live  SABC News 

9 February 2021

“Mediated Conversation: we need a national meeting of minds on how to change Covid-19 behaviors”

Chris Vick & Tessa Dooms speaking with Michelle Constant on SAfm Sunrise

4 January 2021

“Chris Vick, Communications specialist & convenor of COVIDComms talks to #KayaBreakfast about the role of communication in curbing the spread of #COVID19”

Chris Vick speaks with Kaya breakfast 

4 January 2021

“COVID-19 Pandemic: The role of communication in curbing the spread of COVID-19: Chris Vick”

Chris Vick, convener of COVID Comms speaking to SABC News’ Francis Herd about the importance of effective and accessible public service messages for all South Africans. 

31 December 2020

“We speak to social development practitioner, Tessa Dooms, about how to change our Covid behaviour.”

Tessa Dooms speaking with Koketso Sachane on Afternoon Drive with John Maytham

30 December 2020

“We need a national meeting of minds on how to change Covid-19 behaviours”

Chris Vick & Tessa Dooms opinion piece in News24

30 December 2020

“We speak to communications specialist, Chris Vick, about what more can be done to drive home the message about the dangers of Covid-19.”

Chris Vick talking with Koketso Sachane on Afternoon Drive with John Perlman

28 December 2020

“Festive Season Awareness campaign”

Chris Vick, chair of COVID Comms speaks to eNCA’s Gareth Edwards about the network of communications volunteers who have launched a COVID-19 Summer education campaign.  

19 December 2020

“eNCA Lockdown Debate Part 2”

Tessa Dooms of Covid Comms joins Health Department director-general Anban Pillay, BUSA president Sipho Pityana, SA Medical Research Council president Dr Glenda Gray and eNCA’s Dan Moyane to discuss the spread of COVID-19

19 August 2020

“Beyond ‘Stay Safe’: COVID-19 and inequality in South Africa” – A conversation with GGF 2035 fellow Tessa Dooms 

Tessa Dooms of Covid Comms is interviewed by the Global Governance Futures – Robert Bosch Foundation Multilateral Dialogues. 

8 July 2020